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In September 2019 I was asked if I would like to be involved in a program to help young Aussie kids. They had already begun a pilot but it hadn't taken off.

Donate Your Data page before
My Roles
UX/UI Designer
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Business and hypothesis led

How I fixed it

Since 2015 Optus had already launched a few similar initiatives and in June 2019 launched ‘Optus Gifted’ in partnership with The Smith Family.  This included a makeshift web page buried deep down levels of navigation in the Optus website. There was no means for customers to donate their unused data – it was designed to make visitors aware of the generous donation the company had made and it’s benefit to young Australians in need.


Due to a poorly designed webpage with no visibility that is supported by a low number of visitors, it is believed elevating the entry point to the webpage will lead to more donations being made by customers.

Measures of Success

Despite not being the primary platform for donations our squad’s goal was to help drive over 2000 donations.


Conduct Research

There wasn’t much I could do as far as research was concerned because Marketing had already identified the opportunity and CX had defined the persona.


Feasibility assessment

What we really needed to support this campaign was an SMS component which would allow our postpaid and prepaid customers to input their mobile numbers so that they could receive an SMS from Optus prompting them to donate. After a feasibility assessment this idea was identified as having a poor ROI and so I focused on designing a page which would motivate visitors to pick up their phones and donate.

I also asked whether an API could be built to support the request for an aggregate donation counter on the page but was told could only be done in a later release and would have to be performed manually until then.


Establish entry points

For this project it was imperative to understand from which sources traffic would be entering the page as this would determine the information architecture. 

So I did some investigating and it turned out that at launch almost all of the traffic would be direct as there would be major marketing spend behind it.

From highest to lowest, traffic was expected to come from:

1. postpaid eDM
2. prepaid and postpaid SMS
3. social
4. homepage banner
5. organic search
6. undirected browsing

A link was added to the secondary navigation on the homepage

Insights Analysis

After the research I was able to extract the following insights:



There were at least 7 iterations before the final concept was approved by all stakeholders, legal and third parties.

We received hero images from agency and were to follow the design lead of the My Optus app squad as they were the primary destination for users. As a result a cute heart animation was provided for us to use.


Implementation Plan


There will be three planned releases with the first release to contain the following features:

1. Deep link into the My Optus app
2. Manually updated donation counter
3. Personalisation based off entry points



The page was built and went live on 3 December as planned along with the homepage navigation. Due to conflicting campaigns the homepage banner only went live the next day. Personalisation was implemented a few days after.

Website (top half) after build

Results Analysis

Measures of Success​

Within the first 13 days of launching the initiative we had over 7000 users clicking through to donate and that number is still climbing.

Ideal number of donations from our page
Achieved number of donations from our page

Key Takeaways


Within the first week we absolutely smashed our target and I would consider this to be the most successful project I've ever worked on.

Donate Your Data page after