Lead Product Designer

I'm Marissa (Mitzi) and I
love designing deeply delightful digital user experiences.


My ultimate goal is to be the voice of the customer and create functional, reliable, usable and seamless online experiences for people.

what i do

My process

Data Analysis

I work closely that Data Analysts and gather important insights from GA or FullStory to help with testing or design.


Insights established from market research, industry reports and studies allows me to hypothesise and make design decisions.

Surveys + Interviews

I use these research methods to enable me to gather attitudinal insights during each phase of the design process.

Card Sorting + Tree Testing

I conduct exercises such as card sorting and tree testing to help with information architecture and validate hypothesis.

User Testing

I observe user's behaviour to uncover whether there is a need for a suggested product and validate hypothesis.

Wireframing + Ideation

This is my favourite part and where I get to use my logical and lateral thinking skills together to solve the problem.

Interactive Prototyping

I create high-fidelity interactive prototypes in Figma for internal reviews, usability testing and handover.

Usability Testing

I like to setup usability tests to observe whether my design was successful and uncover any unaddressed pain-points.


I most commonly use experimentation to optimise existing designs to increase incremental revenue.

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what i know

My expertise

Best Practice & Hypothesis

I like to know what's best practice and combine that with a hypothesis driven approach to problem solving.

IA + Layout

I look at how content is laid out and organised in the navigation or on a page so people can find the right information at the right time.

Visual Design

People judge the quality of a product higher and think it works better when it's attractive and so visual design is important to me.


I like to follow the 10 usability heuristics for user interface design to ensure I've created the best user experience.

Interaction Design

I create meaningful relationships between people and products by using the most common interaction patterns.


Inclusive design that encompasses the full range of human diversity is important to me and I adhere to Level AA WCAG compliance.


What people think

I want to let you know that Vivi and Marissa were incredible today getting art direction across the line for iPhone. These ladies especially Marissa led the entire team all day from very early, managing over 42 pages of assets and having people tugging at them all day and they were so gracious and professional it really needs to be commended from ELT.

As we all know we beat Telstra out the gate, thanks to the design team, this will put us in great stead to give our customers great value and a terrific online experience… well done Marissa...
Ifca Dragicevic
Digital Project Manager, Optus
I had the pleasure of having Marissa in my design team for over 2 years. Marissa is a thoughtful designer who gives every brief careful consideration and has a solid rationale for her approach. Marissa has a delicate touch and her designs are elegant and sophisticated. She always has a digital first approach…
Catherine Kearney
Creative Digital Manager, The Wine Quarter